Grade 8 English Curriculum Language Arts

The Grade 8 home school curriculum is aligned to the common core standards. Class focuses on reading, writing, speaking and listening. Learn to compare different types of text and will become adept in writing argumentative, informative, narrative and research essays. Students will learn to evaluate the soundness of reasoning in a speaker’s argument and claims.

1- Introduction



Plagiarism Discussion


Assignment: Pretest

MLA Formatting

MLA Citation

MLA Incorporating Sources

MLA Citation Updates

Course Novels

2- Verbs, Essay Writing, Little Women


Quiz: Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Action & Linking Verbs

Helping Verbs

Verb Tense

Verb Tense Continued

Irregular Verbs

Handout: Verbs

Assignment: Verbs


Five Paragraph Essay

Essay: 5 Paragraph Paper

Little Women

Handout: Little Women Reading Plan

Handout: Little Women Reading Comprehension Questions

Worksheet: Little Women Reading Comprehension

Little Women Character Analysis

Handout: Little Women Character Analysis Outline

Assignment: Little Women Character Analysis Outline

Little Women Character Analysis Drafting

Handout: Little Women Character Analysis Rough Draft

Assignment: Little Women Character Analysis Rough Draft

Essay: Little Women Character Analysis Final Draft

3- Context Clues, Nouns, Non-Fiction, Writing Process


Handout: Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Assignment: Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Context Clues

Common & Proper Nouns


Handout: Nouns & Pronouns

Assignment: Nouns & Pronouns

Reading Non-fiction

The Effects of Removal on American Indian Trbes

Handout: Article: Effects of Removal on American Indian Tribes

Handout: Effects of Removal on American Indians

Assignment: American Indians: Section 1

Assignment: American Indians: Section 2

Assignment: American Indians: Section 3

Assignment: American Indians: Section 4

Assignment: American Indians: Section 5

The Writing Process: Prewriting

Assignment: Pre-Writing Practice

4- Adjectives, Compare and Contrast, Science and Technology


Handout: Chapter 3 Vocabulary

Assignment: Chapter 3 Vocabulary


Comparing Nouns with Adjectives

Worksheet: Adjectives

How to Compare and Contrast

Handout: Compare & Contrast Outline

Assignment: Compare & Contrast Outline

Essay: Compare and Contrast

Analyzing Science & Technology

Handout: Recipe for a Hurricane Article

Handout: Recipe for a Hurricane

Handout: Invention of the Telescope

Assignment: Mercury’s Magnetic Features

Assignment: Recipe for a Hurricane: Section 1

Assignment: Recipe for a Hurricane: Section 2

Assignment: Invention of Telescope: Section 1

Assignment: Invention of Telescope: Section 2

5- Adverbs, Treasure Island, Literary Devices


Quiz: Chapter 4 Vocabulary


Handout: Adverbs

Assignment: Adverbs

Treasure Island

Handout: Treasure Island Reading Plan

Handout: Treasure Island Reading Comprehension Questions

Assignment: Treasure Island Reading Comprehension

Treasure Island Compare Contrast Essay

Handout: Treasure Island Leadership Chart

Essay: Treasure Island Compare/Contrast Rough Draft

Essay: Treasure Island Compare/Contrast Final Draft

Assignment: Treasure Island Leadership Chart

Literary Devices

Quiz: Literary Devices


Quiz: Imagery

Assignment: Keeper

6- Affixes, Prepositions, Object Pronouns, Drama


Handout: Chapter 5 Vocabulary

Assignment: Chapter 5 Vocabulary


Handout: Affixes Vocabulary

Assignment: Affixes


Essay: Prepositions

Object Pronouns

Worksheet: Prepositions


The Taming of the Shrew

Handout: The Taming of the Shrew

Assignment: Taming of the Shrew

7- Sentence Types, Transitions, Tom Sawyer, Research Paper


Handout: Chapter 6 Vocabulary

Assignment: Chapter 6 Vocabulary

Parts of a Simple Sentence

Worksheet: Parts of a Simple Sentence

Kinds of Sentences

Essay: A Lesson Learned


Quiz: Transitions

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Handout: Tom Sawyer Reading Plan

Handout: Tom Sawyer Reading Questions

Assignment: Tom Sawyer Reading Questions

Writing a Research Paper

Handout: Tom Sawyer Research Paper options

Essay: Tom Sawyer Topic Choice

Step 1: Find Information

Assignment: Sources

Step 2: Summarize Information

Assignment: Detailed Sources

Step 3: Organize Your Thoughts

Assignment: Outline

Citing Sources & Works Cited Page

Handout: Internal Citations

Assignment: Works Cited Practice

Step 4: Complete a Rough Draft

Assignment: Rough Draft

Step 5: Finalize Your Draft

Essay: Tom Sawyer Research Paper


Assignment: Midtest

8- Conjunctions, Sentences, Helen Keller, Memoir


Handout: Chapter 7 Vocabulary

Assignment: Chapter 7 Vocabulary


Worksheet: Conjunctions

Essay: Thinking in a New Way

Compound Sentences

Worksheet: Making the Connection with Conjunctions

The Story of My Life

Handout: The Story of My Life Questions Part 1

Handout: The Story of My Life Questions Part 2

Handout: Book Vs. Film Notes Organizer

Assignment: The Story of My Life Questions Part 1

Assignment: The Story of My Life Questions Part 2

Assignment: Book vs. Film Notes Organizer

Essay: The Story of My Life

What is a Memoir?

Writing Your Own Memoir

Assignment: Memoir Topics

Brainstorming and Drafting a Memoir

Handout: 6+1 Rubric

Essay: Memoir Draft

Finishing Your Memoir

Assignment: Memoir Final

9- Clauses and Phrases, Reading Strategies, Story Elements


Quiz: Chapter 8 Vocabulary

Independent vs. Dependent Clauses

Worksheet: Independent vs. Dependent Clauses

Clauses vs. Phrases

Essay: One-of-a-Kind Friend

Reading Strategies

Handout: The Ransom of Red Chief

Voice and Point of View

Assignment: The Grasshopper and the Ant

Methods of Characterizations

Worksheet: Characterization Practice

Story Elements

Worksheet: Reading Strategies: The Ransom of Red Chief

Discovering Plot

Assignment: Discovering Plot

10- Commas, Themes, Tolerance


Handout: Chapter 9 Vocabulary

Assignment: Chapter 9 Vocabulary

Commas, Part 1

Handout: Out to Lunch

Assignment: Out to Lunch

Commas, Part 2

Handout: Commas in the Right Places

Assignment: Commas in the Right Places

What is a Theme?

Tolerance as a Universal Theme

Essay: Tolerance Theme

Tolerance in Literature: Harlem Renaissance

Tolerance in Science and History

Tolerance Novel Project

Essay: Tolerance Novel Choice

Essay: Tolerance Novel Journals

Tolerance Novel Research Paper

Essay: Tolerance Research Topic Journal

Essay: Tolerance Novel Research Paper

11- Punctuation, Figures of Speech, Poetry


Handout: Chapter 10 Vocabulary

Assignment: Chapter 10 Vocabulary

Punctuation: Ending a Sentence

Essay: A Learning Experience

Semicolon, Colon, Quotation Marks

Quiz: Punctuation

Ellipsis Marks

Figures of Speech: Introduction

Figures of Speech: Verbal Irony

Figures of Speech: Metaphors

Quiz: Metaphor

Introduction to Poetry

Determination in Poetry

Essay: Comparing Poetry

Writing Poetry

Assignment: Writing Poetry

12- Sentences, Voice, How-To Writing

Vocabulary and Mood

Handout: The Tell-Tale Heart

Handout: Chapter 11 Vocabulary

Assignment: Chapter 11 Vocabulary

Essay: A Tell-Tale Heart Mood

Sentence Fragments

Handout: Spring Carnival

Assignment: Spring Carnival

Run-On Sentences

Worksheet: Run-On Sentences

Active and Passive Voice

Worksheet: Active and Passive Voice

Social Justice Independent Novel

Handout: Social Justice Book Report

Assignment: Social Justice Independent Novel Journals

Assignment: Social Justice Book Report

How-To Writing

Essay: How to Essay Draft

Characteristics of How-To Writing

Recipe for Witches Brew

Handout: Procedural Writing Chart

Assignment: Procedural Writing Chart

Revising the How-To Writing

How-To Presentation

Handout: How-to Storyboard

Handout: How-To Rubric

Assignment: How-To Final Draft

Assignment: How-To Presentation

13- Persuasion, Citations, Connotation and Denotation

What is Persuasion?

Handout: Persuasion Practice

Assignment: Persuasion Practice

Persuasive Writing

Citing Evidence

Essay topics

Essay: Essay Topic

Persuasive Essay Format

Handout: Persuasive Essay Source Organizer

Handout: Sample Persuasive Essay

Essay: Persuasive Essay Thesis

Assignment: Persuasive Essay Sources

Connotation and Denotation

Assignment: Persuasive Essay


Assignment: Post-test

14- Course Survey

Course Survey

Handout: Course Survey

Assignment: Course Survey

Grade 8 Mathematics Curriculum

The middle school curriculum deals with formulating expression, equations, and linear equations. The students will understand the graphs of lines through the origin, functions and their relationships. Students will study about Pythagorean Theorem, and use theorem to find distances between points on the coordinate plane, to find lengths, analyze triangles. And also study about the volumes of the cones, cylinders and spheres.

1- Introduction

Pre-Algebra Links



Assignment: Pretest

MLA Formatting Word 2007

MLA Documentation Updates

MLA Citation

MLA Incorporating Sources

Completing Math Assessments

2- Language of Math

Historical Beginnings

Place Value System

Quiz: Place Value

Numerical and Literal Numbers

Quiz: Numerical and Literal Numbers

Expressing Relationships

Quiz: Expressing Relationships

Quiz: Language of Math

Worksheet: Language of Math

3- Basic Operations


Quiz: Multiplication


Handout: Division Worksheet

Assignment: Division


Handout: Adding Negative Numbers

Assignment: Adding Negative Numbers


Quiz: Subtraction


Handout: Multiplying Integers

Assignment: Multiplying Integers


Quiz: Basic Operations

4- Order of Operations

Combining Terms

Quiz: Combining Terms


Handout: Multiplying and Dividing with Negative Numbers


Handout: Order of Operations

Assignment: Order of Operations


Worksheet: Defintions


Handout: Exponents

Assignment: Exponents


Handout: Order of Operations Review

Assignment: Order of Operations Review

Quiz: Order of Operations

5- Fractions


Worksheet: Fraction Definitions



Handout: Fractions

Handout: Fractions Assignment

Assignment: Fractions

Equivalent Fractions

Handout: Equivalent Fractions

Assignment: Equivalent Fractions

Additions of Fractions

Quiz: Adding Fractions

Common Denominators

Handout: Solving for the Common Denominator

Assignment: Solving for the Common Denominator


Subtraction of Fractions

Handout: Subtracting Common Denominators

Assignment: Subtracting with Common Denominators

6- Multiplying Fractions

Expanding and Reducing Fractions

Handout: Reducing Fractions

Assignment: Reducing Fractions


Handout: Multiplying Fractions

Assignment: Multiplying Fractions

Multiply by Whole Number

Quiz: Multiplying Whole Numbers by Fractions


Worksheet: Reciprocals

Division of Fractions

Handout: Dividing Fractions

Assignment: Dividing Fractions

Smaller and Larger Results


Handout: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Assignment: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Worksheet: Multiplying Fractions

7- Decimals


Addition and Subtraction of Decimals

Handout: Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Assignment: Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Division with Decimals

Handout: Decimal Division

Assignment: Decimal Division


Handout: Percents

Convert Decimals to Fractions

Handout: Decimals to Fractions

Assignment: Decimals to Fractions

Exponent Behavior

Handout: Exponent Behavior

Exponents in Division

Quiz: Dividing Exponents



Assignment: Midtest

Quiz: Decimals

8- Geometric Lines

Expressing Relationships

Handout: Similar Figures

Assignment: Similar Figures

Congruent Figures

Handout: Congruent Shapes

Assignment: Congruent Shapes

Lines and Angles

Handout: Lines and Angles

Assignment: Lines

Parallel Lines

Handout: REPLACE Transversal Angles


Recognizing Figures

Worksheet: Triangles


Handout: Quadrilaterals

Assignment: Quadrilaterals

Other Sided Figures

Quiz: Other Sided Figures

Curved Figures

Quiz: Curved FiguresSummary


Handout: Geometric Lines

Assignment: Geometric Lines

Worksheet: Geometric Lines

9- Power and Roots

Raising Numbers

Worksheet: Raising Numbers

Rules of Exponents

Quiz: Rules of Exponents

Rules 2 and 3

Handout: Exponents

Assignment: Exponents

Rules 4 and 5

Worksheet: Rules 4 and 5

Rules 6 and 7

Handout: Negative Exponents

Assignment: Negative Exponents


Quiz: Roots

Signed Numbers and Real Numbers

Quiz: Signed Numbers and Real Numbers

Rational Numbers

Worksheet: Square Roots

Finding Square Roots

Handout: Finding Square Roots

Assignment: Finding Square RootsSquares and Square Roots

Squares and Square Roots

Handout: Squares and Square Roots

Assignment: Squares and Square Roots


Quiz: Power and Roots

10- Geometric Formulas

Perimeter Formulas

Handout: Perimeters

Assignment: Perimeters

Area Formulas

Handout: Calculate the Area

Assignment: Calculate the Area

3D Shapes

Handout: Surface Area


Handout: Pyramids

Circular Solids

Handout: Area of a Circle

Assignment: Area of a Circle

Volume Formulas

Handout: Volume Formulas

More Volume and Areas

Handout: Volumes

Assignment: Volumes

Complex and Irregular Shapes

Handout: Area of Complex Shapes

Formulas Involving Angles

Handout: Angle Formulas

Assignment: Angle Formulas

Pythagorean Theorem

Worksheet: Pythagorean Theorem

Worksheet: Geometric Formulas Worksheet

Quiz: Geometric Formulas Quiz

11- Literal Numbers

Combining Terms

Handout: Combining Terms

Assignment: Combining Terms

Subtraction with Literal Numbers

Worksheet: Subtracting with Literal Numbers

Multiplication of Literal Numbers

Quiz: Multiplication of Literal Numbers

Division with Literal Numbers

Worksheet: Division with Literal Numbers

Grouping Numbers

Grouped Terms and Plus Sign

Worksheet: Grouped Terms with Plus Sign

Grouped Terms and Minus Sign

Grouped Terms and Literal or Numerical Number

Worksheet: Grouped Terms and Literal or Numerical Numbers

Grouped Terms with No SignUnits as Literals


Quiz: Literal Numbers Quiz

12- Basic Equations

Basic Operations

Handout: Basic Operations

Assignment: Basic Operations

Adding Same Numbers

Worksheet: Adding Same Numbers

Subtracting Same Numbers

Handout: Multiplying and Dividing for X

Assignment: Multiplying and Dividing for X

Squares and Square Roots

Worksheet: Squares and Square Roots

When to Do What

Handout: Solving for X on Both Sides

Assignment: Solving for X on Both Sides


More Examples


Quiz: Ratios



Assignment: Post-test

Assignment: Basic Equations

13- Linear Functions

Relations and Functions

Handout: Domain and Range Worksheet

Quiz: Identifying Functions

Assignment: Domain and Range

Evaluating Functions

Handout: Evaluating Functions Worksheet

Assignment: Evaluating Functions

Linear Functions, Part 1

Handout: Linear Functions Part 1 Worksheet

Assignment: Linear Functions, Part 1

Linear Functions, Part 2

Handout: Linear Functions Part 2 Worksheet

Assignment: Linear Functions, Part 2

Graphing Lines

Handout: Graphing Lines Worksheet

Assignment: Graphing Lines

14- Course Survey

Handout: Course Survey

Assignment: Course Survey

Grade 8 Science Curriculum

The Grade 8 science online home school curriculum follows the Next Generation Sunshine Standards. The course deals with the physical sciences, chemistry, physics and astronomy. The students will learn about the atoms, compounds and molecules. Students will study the properties of magnetism and electricity, nature of light, universe, stars, and sun.

1- Course Introduction


Course Description

Understanding Plagiarism


Assignment: Pretest

Course Links

MLA Formatting MSWord 2007

MLA Documentation updates

MLA Citation

MLA Incorporating Sources

2- Energy

Forms of Energy

Assignment: What is Energy Lab

Changing Energy

Handout: Changing Energy

Assignment: Changing Energy

Classifying Energy

Quiz: Energy

3- Matter and Energy in the Environment

History of Photosynthesis

Essay: History of Photosynthesis

Anatomy of a Leaf

Photosynthesis Overview

Cellular Respiration

The Carbon Cycle

Essay: Energy and Mass are Conserved

Quiz: Matter and Energy in the Environment

4- The Universe

The Universe

Matter in the Universe

Essay: Gravity


Types of Stars

Assignment: Star Life Cycle

Worksheet: The Universe Quiz

5- Our Solar System

Modeling Our Solar System

Organization of Our Solar System

Handout: Characteristics of Our Solar System

Assignment: Characteristics of Our Solar System

The Sun

Relationships of the Earth, Moon, and Sun

Quiz: Our Solar System

6- Exploring Space

Distances in Space

Spectroscopy and EM Spectrum

Spectral Signatures

Assignment: Normal & Active Galaxies

Future of Space Exploration

Essay: Space Exploration: Worth it?


Assignment: Midtest

Quiz: Space Exploration

Grade 8 Social Studies Curriculum

The Grade 8 social studies home school curriculum follows the Next Generation Sunshine Standards. The course deals with the history of United States from exploration and colonization to reconstruction after the civil war. The students will learn about the American revolutions, causes of civil war and its affect on the country.

1- Introduction


Course Description


Assignment: Pretest

Understanding Plagiarism

MLA Formatting

MLA Documentation

MLA Citation

MLA Incorporating Sources

2- The Peoples of Ancient America


The First Arrivals

Early People of North America

Europeans Arrive

Handout: Early Peoples Graphic Organizer

Assignment: Early Peoples Graphic Organizer

Worksheet: The Peoples of Ancient America

3- The New Age of Discovery


The Beginnings of Exploration

Columbus Sails for Spain

Conquering and Ruling the Land

The French Move In

English Exploration

Assignment: Early Explorers Timeline

Worksheet: The New Age of Discovery

Quiz: Unit 1 (Chapters 2 & 3) Test

4- English Colonies in America


Handout: Chapter 4 Lecture

5- Filling in the Coast


The Carolinas

New York & New Jersey

Pennsylvania & Delaware

Handout: Filling in the Coast Graphic Organizer

Assignment: Filling in the Coast

Worksheet: Filling in the Coast

6- The Road to Independence


Handout: Chapter 6 Lecture

Quiz: Road to Independence

Assignment: Independence Current Event

7- The War for Independence


The First Years of the War

The War in the Middle Colonies

The War Moves South

Worksheet: The War for Independence

Assignment: War For Independence Presentation

8- The Constitution


Handout: Chapter 8 Lecture

Handout: Constitution Scavenger Hunt

Assignment: Constitution Scavenger Hunt

9- How the Government Works


Handout: Chapter 9 Lecture


Assignment: Midtest

Handout: Bill of Rights Graphic Organizer

Worksheet: How the Government Works

Assignment: Bill of Rights Graphic Organizer

10- Establishing the Republic: The 1790’s


Starting the Government

Foreign and Domestic Policy

The Administration of John Adams

Essay: Founding Fathers

Assignment: 1790’s Timeline

11- Establishing the Republic: The Jeffersonians


Handout: Chapter 11 Lecture

Assignment: Jeffersonian Project

12- A Time of Growth


A Changing Economy

The South & The North

The West

Worksheet: A Time of Growth

Assignment: Immigration

Essay: Haitian Webquest

13- The Spirit of Reform


Handout: Chapter 13 Lecture

Quiz: The Spirit of Reform

Assignment: Reform Current Event

14- Manifest Destiny


Handout: Chapter 14 Lecture

Essay: Manifest Destiny

15- Sectional Conflict Intensifies


Handout: Chapter 15 Lecture

Quiz: Sectional Conflict Intensifies

16- The Civil War


The Two Sides

The First Two Years of War

Toward Union Victory

Assignment: Emancipation Proclamation

Assignment: Civil War Culminating Project

17- Conclusion

Florida’s Contributions

Assignment: Florida’s Contributions


Assignment: Post-test

Assignment: United States Geography Culminating Project

18- Course Survey

Course Survey

Handout: Course Survey

Assignment: Course Survey

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