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High School. Grade 9 - 12

Trung học. Lớp 9 - 12

High School online Courses Guide for Grade 9 students

Grade- 9 course curriculum is designed to enhance the essential skills in core subjects. After enrolling with 9th-grade high school course curriculum students are exposed to the new ways of online learning. The 9th grade online school Program introduces new topics along with activating the knowledge gained in middle school grades. This serves as the best start for high school education. Grade 9 classes include English, Math, Science and Social Studies along with the languages and high school electives courses.

The chart below can be used by 9th-grade students and parents with their academic advisor as a starting point in planning the courses necessary for a 24 credit college preparatory diploma.

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High School Courses Guide for Grade 10

The High School Grade 10 course curriculum designed to engage learning process to meet their academic goals. Students enrolled in 10th-grade course curriculum are exposed to lessons, homework, discussions, and tests, which are monitored by our education faculties and teachers. Using online 10th-grade program students are introduced to the practice of learning across the curriculum. Grade 10 students learn the core subjects which includes English, Math, Science and Social Studies with the languages and the wide range of high school electives. Along with the Grade-10 classes students can take Advanced Placement Courses and Dual Enrollment Courses to earn the college credits whilst in 10th-Grade high school.

  • English: English II

  • Mathematics: Geometry or Algebra 2 or Trigonometry

  • Science : Biology

  • Social studies : American History

  • Fine Art : Theatre or Art History or Art: 2D Comprehensive I

  • Course Elective : *Elective – selective an elective

  • Foreign language : Spanish I or II or French I or II

Grade 10 Course Curriculum

High School Courses Guide for Grade 11

The high school Grade 11-course curriculum is designed for high school juniors to take classes online in a flexible online environment taught by the certified teachers. In Grade 11 high school program students are exposed to advanced math, science, social studies and language arts. In the 11th grade program, students will find opportunities to enhance their learning abilities and discover options towards their interests. Grade 11 students have an opportunity to earn the college credits by enrolling in Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement Courses.

Grade 11 Course Curriculum

High School Courses Guide for Grade 12

The High school Grade 12 course curriculum is designed for high school seniors to complete final high school course requirements. In 12th grade course curriculum students are introduced to the advanced topics of the core subjects, such that this lays a strong foundation for college education. For Grade 12 accelerated learners looking for challenges, Advanced placement courses and Dual enrollment courses offer rigor chance to earn the college credits and make them college and career ready.

Grade 12 Course Curriculum

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