Grade 5 English Curriculum Language Arts

The Grade 5 English home school curriculum is aligned to the common core standards. The students will spend 30 minutes on reading every day. Learn about the grammar, vocabulary lessons, practice reading different types of literature and learn the writing skills. The goal of the course is to make each student a good reader and better writer.

1- Course Introduction



Handout: Reading Log (Word)

Handout: Reading Log (PDF)

Handout: Reading Log (Excel)

Handout: Book Report (Biography)

Handout: Book Report (Nonfiction)

Handout: Book Report (Fiction)

Handout: Pre-writing Tool: Word Web

Handout: Pre-writing Tool: Graphic Organizer

Handout: Pre-writing Tool: Storyboard

Handout: Story Map (Turtle)

Handout: What Good Readers Do Overview

Handout: The Writing Process

Course Description

Understanding Plagiarism


Assignment: Pretest

Course Links

Vocabulary Introduction

Grammar Introduction

Reading Introduction

Writing Introduction

Speaking and Listening Introduction

MLA Formatting MSWord 2007

MLA Documentation updates

MLA Citation

MLA Incorporating Sources

2- Grammar Basics, Good Reading Skills and Idea Book

Vocabulary: Lesson 1

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 1

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 1

Vocabulary: Lesson 2

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 2

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 2

Grammar: Types of Sentences and Punctuation

Handout: Sentence Review

Assignment: Sentence Review

Reading: What Good Readers Do

Reading: Informational Text

Handout: Atmosphere Reading and Questions

Assignment: Atmosphere Questions

Reading: Kangaroo Almanac

Quiz: Kangaroo Almanac Quiz

Writing: Book Review and Book Report

Assignment: Book Report #1

Writing: The Process

Writing: Idea Chart

Handout: Idea Chart

Assignment: Idea Chart

Writing: Brainstorming

Speaking and Listening: Rules for Discussion

Assignment: Discussion Rules

Assignment: Reading Log #1

3- Nouns, Predictions, Good Writing Skills

Vocabulary: Lesson 3

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 3

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 3

Vocabulary: Lesson 4

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 4

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 4

Grammar: Plural Nouns

Grammar: Proper Nouns

Grammar: Possessive Nouns

Handout: Plural Nouns, Proper Nouns, & Subject and Object Pronouns Assignment

Assignment: Plural Nouns and Proper Nouns

Reading: An Unlikely Friendship

Worksheet: An Unlikely Friendship Worksheet

Reading: One Giant Leap for Mankind

Essay: Space Travel Essay

Worksheet: One Giant Leap for Mankind Worksheet

Writing: Good Writing Skills

Writing: Revise and Edit

Handout: 6+1 Traits

Assignment: Reading Log #2

Assignment: Writing #1: Final Draft

4- Pronouns, Protagonist and Antagonist, Writing Process

Vocabulary: Lesson 5

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 5

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 5

Vocabulary: Lesson 6

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 6

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 6

Spelling: Syllables

Handout: Fishing…and

Essay: Writing Prompt #1

Grammar: Subject & Object Pronouns

Grammar: Possessive Pronouns

Grammar: Pronoun Referents; Indefinite Pronouns

Handout: Possessive Pronouns and Pronoun Referents

Assignment: Possessive Pronouns and Pronoun Referents

Reading Mini Lesson: Reading Skills -Activate Prior Knowledge

Reading: A True American Hero

Essay: American Hero Essay

Reading: Protagonist and Antagonist

Handout: The King of the Polar Bears

Essay: Protagonist and Antagonist

Assignment: Reading Log #3

Assignment: Book Report #2

5- Verbs, Visualize, Writing Process

Vocabulary: Lesson 7

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 7

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 7

Vocabulary: Lesson 8

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 8

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 8

Grammar: Subject-Verb Agreement

Handout: Subject-Verb Agreement

Assignment: Subject-Verb Agreement

Grammar: Irregular Verbs

Grammar: Linking Verbs

Grammar: Auxiliary Verbs – Be, Have, Do

Grammar: More Auxiliary Verbs

Handout: Linking and Auxiliary Verbs

Assignment: Linking &Auxililary Verbs

Reading: Fact or Opinion?

Quiz: Fact or Opinion?

Reading: Visualize and Retell

Essay: Prompt: If Things Could Talk…

Reading: The Fossil Lady

Worksheet: The Fossil Lady Worksheet

Essay: Dinosaur Essay

Writing: Narrative

Writing: Narrative Part 2

Assignment: Final Draft Narrative

Assignment: Reading Log #4

6- Subject and Predicates, Characters, Opinions

Vocabulary: Lesson 9

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 9

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 9

Vocabulary: Lesson 10

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 10

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 10

Reading Mini Lesson: What Good Readers Do – Reread

Grammar: Complete and Simple Subjects

Grammar: Complete and Simple Predicates

Handout: Complete and Simple Predicates

Assignment: Complete and Simple Subjects and Predicates Assignment

Reading: Character Development

Handout: The Box Robbers

Handout: Major and Minor Characters

Reading: The Midas Touch

Quiz: The Midas Touch Quiz

Reading/Writing: Warm Up – Thunderbirds

Handout: Thunderbird Legend

Assignment: Assignment: Thunderbird Legend

Essay: Writing Prompt: What is your legend?

Writing: Opinions and Paragraph

Writing: Opinions Part 2

Assignment: Reading Log #5

Assignment: Final Draft Essay

Assignment: Book Report #3

7- Noun Phrases, Prepositions, Reading to Learn, Research

Vocabulary: Lesson 11

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 11

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 11

Vocabulary: Lesson 12

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 12

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 12

Grammar: Subject & Objects; Noun Phrases

Grammar: Complete Sentences

Grammar: Prepositions

Handout: Subjects & Objects, Noun Phrase, Prepositions, & Complete Sentences

Assignment: Subjects & Objects, Noun Phrase, Prepositions, & Complete Sentences

Reading: From King to President

Quiz: From King to President

Reading: The Life of a Colonial Child

Assignment: Reading Log #6

Essay: My Colonial Story Essay

8- Adjectives, Inferences, Context Clues

Vocabulary: Lesson 13

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 13

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 13

Vocabulary: Lesson 14

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 14

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 14

Vocabulary Mini Lesson: Word Detectives

Reading: What Good Readers Do – Infer

Grammar: Adjectives

Grammar: Comparisons with er and est Endings

Grammar: Comparisons with More and Most

Handout: Adjectives & Comparisons

Assignment: Adjectives & Comparisons

Grammar: Specific Adjectives

Grammar: Sensory Adjectives

Handout: Specific & Sensory Adjectives

Assignment: Specific & Sensory Adjectives

Reading: Native Americans

Handout: Native Americans

Worksheet: Native Americans

Reading: Search for Undersea Treasure

Worksheet: The Search for Undersea Treasure

Writing: Using Adjectives and Articles

Handout: Adjectives Practice

Assignment: Reading Log #7

Assignment: Adjectives Practice

Assignment: Book Report #4

9- Adverbs, Asking Questions, Legends

Vocabulary: Lesson 15

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 15

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 15

Vocabulary: Lesson 16

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 16

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 16

Grammar: Adverbs

Grammar: Intensifying Adverbs

Handout: Adverbs & Intensifiers

Assignment: Adverbs & Intensifiers

Grammar: Comparative & Superlative

Grammar: Time Clue Words

Handout: Comparative & Superlative Adverbs and Time Clue Words

Assignment: Comparative & Superlative Adverbs and Time Clue Words

Grammar: Position Words

Reading: Ederle Amazing!

Worksheet: Ederle Amazing! Worksheet

Reading: What Good Readers Do: Ask Questions

Writing: A Legend

Handout: Legend Chart

Writing: A Legend Continued

Assignment: Reading Log #8

Assignment: A Legend


Assignment: Midtest

10- Commas, Dialogue, Text Connections, Writer’s Workshop

Vocabulary: Lesson 17

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 17

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 17

Vocabulary: Lesson 18

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 18

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 18

Grammar: Commas in a Series; Appositives

Grammar: Introductory Words, Direct Address, Transitions

Grammar and Writing: Dialogue

Handout: Commas, Introductory Words, and Dialogue

Assignment: Commas, Introductory Words, and Dialogue

Writing: Writer’s Workshop Part 1

Writing: Writer’s Workshop Part 2

Assignment: Writer’ Workshop Final Draft

Reading: What Good Readers Do – Synthesize and Connect

Reading: Looking for Something Green

Assignment: Reading Log #9

Worksheet: Looking for Something Green

Assignment: Book Report #5

11- Subordinators, Clauses, Predictions, Letter Writing

Vocabulary: Lesson 19

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 19

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 19

Vocabulary: Lesson 20

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 20

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 20

Grammar: Subordinators

Grammar: Who, Which, and That Clauses

Grammar: Parallel Style

Handout: Subordinators, Who, Which, and That Clauses, and Parallel Style

Assignment: Subordinators, Who, Which, and That Clauses, and Parallel Style

Writing: Business Letters

Essay: Business Letter

Writing: Friendly Letters

Essay: Friendly Letter Essay

Reading: What Good Readers Do – Predictions

Assignment: Reading Log #10

12- Prepositions, Contractions, Interjections, Important Idea

Vocabulary: Lesson 21

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 21

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 21

Vocabulary: Lesson 22

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 22

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 22

Grammar: Prepositions

Worksheet: Prepositions

Grammar: Contractions

Essay: Contractions

Grammar: Interjections!

What Good Readers Do: Determining Importance

Handout: Nonfiction Reading

Assignment: Determining Importance

Writing: Report on a Topic Introduction

Writing: Report on a Topic – Finding Information

Handout: Fact Organizer

Writing: Report on a Topic – Publish and Present

Assignment: Reading Log #11

Assignment: Report on a Topic

Assignment: Book Report #6

13- Roots, Affixes, Summarization

Vocabulary: Lesson 23

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 23

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 23

Vocabulary: Lesson 24

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 24

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 24

Grammar: Root Words and Affixes

Handout: Root Words

Handout: Prefix Practice

Handout: Suffix Practice

Assignment: Root Words

Assignment: Prefix Practice

Assignment: Suffix Practice

Reading/Writing: Summarize and Synthesize

Worksheet: Summarizing

Reading: Great Kid Inventors

Essay: Great Inventors Essay

Reading: Otzi the Iceman

Quiz: Otzi the Iceman Quiz

Reading: The Uninvited Guest

Quiz: Uninvited Guests Quiz

Reading: Joy Adamson: Living with Lions

Assignment: Reading Log #12

Quiz: Living with Lions Quiz

14- Researching, Focusing, Outlining, Reporting

Vocabulary: Lesson 25

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 25

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 25

Vocabulary: Lesson 26

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 26

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 26

Writing: Topics for Reports

Writing: “Focusing Questions”

Assignment: Topics for Reports & Focusing Questions Assignment

Writing Outlines

Assignment: Writing Outlines Assignment

Writing: Drafting a Report

Essay: Writing Reports: Draft

Writing: Final Draft

Essay: Research Paper Final Draft

Reading: Digging Up History

Assignment: Reading Log #13

Worksheet: Digging Up History Worksheet

Assignment: Book Report #7

15- Poetry and Word Relationships

Vocabulary: Lesson 27

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 27

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 27

Vocabulary: Lesson 28

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 28

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 28

Grammar: Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms

Worksheet: Synonyms for Overused Words

Reading: An Everyday Poet

Essay: An Everyday Poet Essay

Writing: Introduction to Poetry

Writing: You Become the Poet

Assignment: Form Poem

Writing: Acrostic Poems

Assignment: Write Your Own Acrostic Poem

Writing: Cinquain Poem

Assignment: Cinquain Poem

Writing: Creative Poems

Assignment: Reading Log #14

Assignment: Creative Poetry

16- Titles, Themes, Literary Devices

Vocabulary: Lesson 29

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 29

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 29

Vocabulary: Lesson 30

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 30

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 30

Grammar: Writing Titles

Reading: What is Theme?

Reading: It Could Happen

Worksheet: It Could Happen

Writing: Character Development

Reading: Character and Theme

Reading: Literary Devices

Assignment: Reading Log #15

Assignment: Book Report #8

17- Compare and Contrasting Texts

Vocabulary: Lesson 31

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 31

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 31

Vocabulary: Lesson 32

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 32

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 32

Compare and Contrasting

Handout: Imagined or Real?

Handout: Loch Ness Monster

Worksheet: Compare and Contrast

Reading: Compare and Contrast Characters – Tom Thumb

Handout: Comparing Characters

Reading: Compare and Contrast Characters – Thumbelina

Assignment: Compare and Contrast Characters

Reading: Compare and Contrast Themes

Worksheet: Compare and Contrast Themes

Reading: Compare and Contrast Structure

Handout: Compare and Contrast Structure

Assignment: Compare and Contrast Structure

Writing: Planning and Drafting

Handout: Short Story Rubric

Assignment: First Draft of Short Story

Writing: Editing and Final Draft

Assignment: Reading Log #16

Assignment: Final Draft of Short Story

18- Reading and Writing Fiction

Vocabulary: Lesson 33

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 33

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 33

Vocabulary: Lesson 34

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 34

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 34

Reading: Chapters, Stanzas, Acts and Scenes

Reading: Conflict in Literature

Quiz: Conflict in Literature

Reading: Conflict and Resolution

Reading: Understanding Plot

Reading/Writing: Point of View

Essay: Point of View

Writing: Transitions

Writing: Narratives

Assignment: Narrative Pre-Write

Assignment: Narrative First Draft

Writing: Narratives Part 2

Assignment: Narrative Draft 2

Writing: Narratives Part 3

Assignment: Reading Log #17

Assignment: Narrative Final Draft

Assignment: Book Report #9

19- Reading and Writing Nonfiction

Vocabulary: Lesson 35

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 35

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 35

Vocabulary: Lesson 36

Handout: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 36

Assignment: Vocabulary Builder Lesson 36

Reading: Choose a Nonfiction Novel

Reading: Examples of Nonfiction

Reading: Fact and Opinion

Essay: Fact vs. Opinion

Reading: Nonfiction Organization

Essay: Reading Response

Reading: Nonfiction Purposes

Reading: Analyzing an Argument

Writing: Nonfiction Text Organization

Writing: Expository Non-Fiction

Assignment: Reading Log #18

Assignment: Expository Writing Final


Assignment: Post-test

Assignment: Book Report #10

20- Course Survey

Course Survey

Handout: Course Survey

Assignment: Course Survey

Grade 5 Mathematics Curriculum

The math curriculum is aligned to the 5th grade common core standards. The School curriculum will focus on addition, subtractions, multiplication and division of fractions. Expand the knowledge in 2-digit divisors and decimal operations and understand the property of three-dimensional space.

1- Introduction



Assignment: Pretest

2- Number Sense

Place Value Through Billions

Handout: Place Value through Billions

Assignment: Place Value Through Billions

Place Value & Exponents

Handout: Place Value & Exponents Worksheet

Assignment: Place Value & Exponents

Compare Whole Numbers

Handout: Compare Whole Numbers Worksheet

Assignment: Compare Whole Numbers

Represent Decimals

Handout: Represent Decimals Worksheet

Assignment: Represent Decimals

Place Value through Thousandths

Handout: Place Value through Thousandths Worksheet

Assignment: Place Value Through Thousandths

Compare Decimals

Handout: Compare Decimals Worksheet

Assignment: Compare Decimals

Order Whole Numbers and Decimals

Handout: Order Whole Numbers & Decimals

Assignment: Order Whole Numbers and Decimals

Handout: Chapter 1 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Chapter 1 Cumulative Test

3- Addition

Round Whole Numbers and Decimals

Handout: Round Whole Numbers & Decimals Worksheet

Assignment: Round Whole Numbers and Decimals

Estimate Sums and Differences

Handout: Estimate Sums & Differences Worksheet

Assignment: Estimate Sums and Difference

Add and Subtract Whole Numbers

Handout: Add & Subtract Whole Numbers Worksheet

Assignment: Add and Subtract Whole Numbers

Add and Subtract Decimals

Handout: Add & Subtract Decimals

Assignment: Add and Subtract Decimals

Addition Properties

Handout: Addition Properties Worksheet

Assignment: Addition Properties

Add and Subtract Mentally

Handout: Add & Subtract Mentally Worksheet

Assignment: Add and Subtract Mentally

Handout: Chapter 2 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Chapter 2 Cumulative Test

4- Multiplication

Multiplication Patterns

Handout: Multiplication Patterns Worksheet

Assignment: Multiplication Patterns

The Distributive Property

Handout: Distributive Property Assignment

Assignment: The Distributive Property

Estimate Products

Handout: Estimate Products Worksheet

Assignment: Estimate Products

Multiply by One-Digit Numbers

Handout: Multiply by One-Digit Numbers Worksheet

Assignment: Multiply by One-Digit Numbers

Multiply by Two-Digit Numbers

Handout: Multiply by Two-Digit Numbers Worksheet

Assignment: Multiply by Two-Digit Numbers

Multiplication Properties

Handout: Multiplication Properties

Assignment: Multiplication Properties

Extending Multiplication

Handout: Extending Multiplication Worksheet

Assignment: Extending Multiplication

Handout: Chapter 3 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Chapter 3 Cumulative Test

5- Division

Division Patterns

Handout: Division Patterns Worksheet

Assignment: Division Patterns

Estimate Quotients

Handout: Estimate Quotients Worksheet

Assignment: Estimate Quotients

Divide by One Digit Numbers

Handout: Divide by One-Digit Numbers Worksheet

Assignment: Divide by One-Digit Numbers

Divide by Two Digit Numbers

Handout: Divide by Two-Digit Numbers Worksheet

Assignment: Divide by Two-Digit Numbers

Interpret the Remainder

Handout: Interpret the Remainder Workheet

Assignment: Interpret the Remainder

Extending Division

Handout: Extending Division Worksheet

Assignment: Extending Division

Handout: Chapter 4 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Chapter 4 Cumulative Test

6- Expressions

Addition Expressions

Handout: Addition Expressions Worksheet

Assignment: Addition Expressions

Multiplication Expressions

Handout: Multiplication Expressions Worksheet

Assignment: Multiplication Expressions

More Algebraic Expressions

Handout: More Algebraic Expressions Worksheet

Assignment: More Algebraic Expressions

Function Tables

Handout: Function Tables Worksheet

Assignment: Function Tables

Order of Operations

Handout: Order of Operations Worksheet

Assignment: Order of Operations

Handout: Chapter 5 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Chapter 5 Cumulative Test

7- Equations

Addition and Subtraction Equations

Handout: Addition & Subtraction Equations Worksheet

Assignment: Addition and Subtraction Equations

Multiplication Equations

Handout: Multiplication Equations Worksheet

Assignment: Multiplication Equations

Geometry: Ordered Pairs

Handout: Ordered Pairs Worksheet

Assignment: Geometry: Ordered Pairs

Algebra & Geometry: Graph Functions

Handout: Graph Functions Worksheet

Assignment: Algebra and Geometry: Graph Functions

Functions and Equations

Handout: Functions & Equations Worksheet

Assignment: Functions and Equations


Assignment: Midtest

Handout: Chapter 6 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Chapter 6 Cumulative Test

8- Graphs & Charts

Mean, Median, and Mode

Handout: Mean, Median & Mode

Assignment: Mean, Median, and Mode

Line Plots

Handout: Line Plots Worksheet

Assignment: Line Plots

Frequency Tables

Handout: Frequency Tables Worksheet

Assignment: Frequency Tables

Scales and Intervals

Handout: Scales & Intervals Worksheet

Assignment: Scales and Intervals

Bar Graphs

Handout: Bar Graphs Worksheet

Assignment: Bar Graphs

Line Graphs

Handout: Line Graphs Worksheet

Assignment: Line Graphs

Handout: Chapter 7 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Chapter 7 Cumulative Test

9- Fractions

Prime & Composite Numbers

Quiz: Prime & Composite Numbers

Greatest Common Factor

Handout: Greatest Common Factor Worksheet

Assignment: Greatest Common Factor

Least Common Multiple

Handout: Least Common Multiple Worksheet

Assignment: Least Common Multiple

Fractions & Division

Handout: Fractions Worksheet

Assignment: Fractions

Improper Fractions

Handout: Improper Fractions Worksheet

Assignment: Improper Fractions

Mixed Numbers

Handout: Mixed Numbers Worksheet

Assignment: Mixed Numbers

Equivalent Fractions

Handout: Equivalent Fractions

Assignment: Equivalent Fractions

Handout: Chapter 8 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Chapter 8 Cumulative Test

10- Operations with Fractions

Add & Subtract Fractions With Like Denominators

Handout: Add & Subtract Like Fractions Worksheet

Assignment: Add & Subtract Like Fractions

Add & Subtract Fractions With Unlike Denominators

Handout: Add & Subtract Unlike Fractions Worksheet

Assignment: Add & Subtract Unlike Fractions

Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers With Unlike Denominators

Handout: Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers Worksheet

Assignment: Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers

Problem-Solving: Draw a Picture

Handout: Draw a Picture Worksheet

Assignment: Draw a Picture

Multiplying Fractions

Handout: Multiplying Fractions Worksheet

Assignment: Multiplying Fractions

Multiplying Mixed Numbers

Handout: Multiply Mixed Numbers with Fractions Worksheet

Assignment: Multiplying Mixed Numbers with Fractions

Dividing Fractions

Handout: Dividing Fractions Worksheet

Worksheet: Finding Reciprocals

Assignment: Dividing Fractions

Dividing Mixed Numbers

Handout: Dividing Mixed Numbers Worksheet

Assignment: Dividing Mixed Numbers

Handout: Chapter 9 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Chapter 9 Cumulative Test

11- Geometry

Points, Lines & Rays

Worksheet: Point, Lines & Planes


Assignment: Drawing Angles


Handout: Triangles Worksheet

Assignment: Triangles

Quadrilaterals & Polygons

Handout: Quadrilaterals & Polygons Worksheet

Assignment: Quadrilaterals & Polygons


Handout: Circles Worksheet

Assignment: Circles


Handout: Perimeter Worksheet

Assignment: Perimeter

Area of Parallelograms

Handout: Area of Parallelograms Worksheet

Assignment: Area of Parallelograms

Area of Triangles

Assignment: Area of Triangles


Handout: Circumference Worksheet

Assignment: Circumference

Handout: Chapter 10 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Chapter 10 Cumulative Test

12- Solids


Handout: Solids Worksheet

Assignment: Solids


Handout: Square Pyramid Net

Handout: Triangular Prism Net

Handout: Cube Net

Worksheet: Nets

Surface Area

Handout: Surface Area Worksheet

Assignment: Surface Area


Handout: Volume

Handout: Counting Volume Worksheet

Assignment: Counting Volume

Assignment: Volume


Assignment: Post-test

Handout: Chapter 11 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Chapter 11 Cumulative Test

Grade 5 Science Curriculum

The Grade 5 home school curriculum offers different types of science in order to understand the world around them. The students will review the information about good experiment, solar system and planets, will learn about the planets. Students will study the atomic theory and the states of matter. Study about the law of conservation of energy, electricity its properties and uses in our lives.

1- Introduction


Course Description


Assignment: Pretest

Course Links

MLA Formatting MSWord 2007

MLA Documentation updates

MLA Citation

MLA Incorporating Sources

2- Investigating Science

The Scientific Method

What is an Experiment?

Handout: Making and Using Graphs

Assignment: Making and Using Graphs

Designing an Experiment

Worksheet: Investigating Science

3- Earth and Space


The Solar System

Essay: Famous Comets


Quiz: Earth and Space Quiz

4- Water and Weather

The Water Cycle

Assignment: Water Cycle Project

What Causes Weather Patterns?

Types of Precipitation


Essay: What’s Your Climate Zone?

Being Prepared

Essay: Family Preparedness Plan

Quiz: Water and Weather Quiz

5- Evolution

Impact of Environmental Changes

Plants Also Adapt

Worksheet: Evolution

6- The Human Body

Body Systems

Your Skeletal System

Your Nervous System

Your Circulatory System

Your Respiratory System

Your Reproductive System

Your Digestive System

Your Excretory System

Worksheet: Body Systems Review

Similarities with Plants

Quiz: The Human Body


Assignment: Midtest

7- Matter

Atomic Theory

States of Matter

Handout: States of Matter

Assignment: States of Matter


Handout: Dissolving Lab

Essay: Separating Mixtures

Assignment: Dissolving Lab

Chemical & Physical Changes

Quiz: Matter Quiz

8- Energy and Its Transformations

Types of Energy

Energy Transformations

Essay: Types of Energy

9- Electricity

What is Electricity?

Properties of Electricity

Handout: Electrical Interactions Lab

Assignment: Electrical Interactions Lab

Uses of Electricity

Electrical Circuits

Worksheet: Electricity

10- Forces

What is a Force?

Newton’s 1st Law of Motion

Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion

Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion

Assignment: Newton’s Laws in Comics Project


Assignment: Post-test

Grade 5 Social Studies Curriculum

The Grade 5 social curriculum is aligned to the Next Generation Sunshine Standards. The home school curriculum includes the topics about the Native American civilizations, Maya, Inca, and Aztec civilizations. The students will review about the revolutionary war, study about the Government in the United States.

1- Introduction


Course Description


Assignment: Pretest

Understanding Plagiarism

MLA Formatting MSWord 2007

MLA Documentation updates

MLA Citation

MLA Incorporating Sources

2- Geography

Map Skills Introduction

Types of Maps

Latitude and Longitude

Physical Features of North America

Assignment: Current Events

Assignment: Map Skills

3- Native American Civilizations


Getting to America

People of the Americas

Maya Civilizations

Inca Civilizations

Aztec Civilization

Assignment: Aztec, Inca and Maya Research

Culture Regions of the United States

The Northwest Coast Region

The California Intermountain Region

The Southwest Region

The Plains Region

The Eastern Woodland Region

Worksheet: Native American Civilization

Assignment: Current Events #2

4- European Explorers

Exploration and Navigation

Navigation Tools

Quiz: Tools of Exploration


Prince Henry the Navigator

Vasco da Gama

Dutch and English

Christopher Columbus

Columbus Returns

Four Journeys

Essay: Ships

Assignment: Timeline and Route of Explorer

Assignment: Current Events #3

5- Colonies

The Beginnings of Jamestown

Captain John Smith

The Beginning of Democracy

A Colony at Plymouth

Massachusetts Bay Colony

Freedom of Religion

Assignment: Hardships of Colonization

New England Colonies

The Middle Colonies

Colonial Way of Life

The Southern Colonies

Southern Colonies and Slavery

Triangular Trade and Slavery

13 Colonies Review

Handout: 13 Colonies Map

Assignment: 13 Colonies Map

Quiz: Colonies

Assignment: Current Events #4

6- The Road to Freedom


The French and Indian War

New Problems

The Boston Massacre

Essay: Boston Massacre

The Boston Tea Party

Events That Led to War

The Call for Independence

Abigail and John Adams

Assignment: Time Line of Road to Freedom

Assignment: Current Events #5

7- The American Revolution


The Long Fight

Washington and the American Army

The Victory at Trenton

Help Arrives from Europe

Winter at Valley Forge

Charleston Falls to the British

The Last Battle: Yorktown

The Treaty of Paris

The Impact of War


Assignment: Midtest

Essay: Freedom

Worksheet: The American Revolution

Assignment: Current Events #6

8- The New Nation


Choosing a Government

The Articles of Confederation

Northwest Terrotiry

The New Nation Faces Problems

Writing the Constitution

The Great Compromise

The Federal System

Ratification of the Constitution

The Bill of Rights

Handout: Bill of Rights

Essay: Bill of Rights

Assignment: Bill of Rights

George Washington

Quiz: New Nation

Assignment: Current Events #7

9- A Growing Nation


The Growing West

The Louisiana Purchase

An Amazing Journey

Assignment: Lewis and Clark Journal

The War of 1812

The End of the War of 1812

The Missouri Compromise

Slavery and Plantations

Nat Turner’s Rebellion

The Trail of Tears

Worksheet: A Growing Nation

Assignment: Current Events #8

10- Westward Expansion


How the United States Grew

Traveling West

Pioneer Life

Essay: Pioneer Life

New Trade Routes

Texas Independence

Manifest Destiny

Essay: Manifest Destiny

War with Mexico

California, Here I Come!

Assignment: Current Events #9

11- Technology and Slavery



The Railroad Boom and the Steamboat

Canals, Roads, and Railways

The Growth of Cities

Assignment: Industrial Revolution

Escape from Slavery

When Cotton Was “King”

The Compromise of 1850

Worksheet: The North & the South, 1820-1860

Lincoln and Slavery

Sojourner Truth

Assignment: Biography of an Abolitionist

Assignment: Current Events #10

12- Democracy Today

Government Then and Now

Three Branches

Executive Branch

Judicial Branch

Legislative Branch

Assignment: 3 Branches of Government

Checks and Balances

Essay: Checks and Balances

How a Bill Becomes a Law

Assignment: Current Events #11

13- Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights

Voting Rights

Voting for Minorities and Women

Assignment: Voting Timeline

Bill of Rights

Amendments to the Constitution

Essay: Amendments


Citizens and Aliens


Duties and Responsibilities

Quiz: Rights and Responsibilities


Assignment: Post-test

Assignment: Current Events #12

14- Course Evaluation

Handout: Course Evalulation

Assignment: Course Evaluation

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