Grade 2 English Curriculum Language Arts

The online elementary school curriculum for Grade2 English follows the common core standards. The course enhances the reading and writing skills of a student by answering the questions about the story. Students will understand the rhythm, structure and points of view add meaning to the story.

1- Course Introduction



Assignment: Pretest

Required Readings

2- Nouns, Vowels, Charlotte’s Web

Vocabulary Introduction and Words 1

Handout: Vocabulary Words 1

Handout: Vocabulary Words 1

Quiz: Vocabulary Definitions 1

Vocabulary: Short and Long Vowel Sounds

Grammar: Nouns

Grammar: Plural Nouns

Handout: Nouns

Assignment: Nouns

Reading: Charlotte’s Web

Writing: Charlotte’s Web Journal

Handout: Charlotte’s Web Reading Journal

Assignment: Chalotte’s Web Reading Journal

Speaking and Listening: How to be a Good Listener and Speaker

3- Simple Sentences, Baby Farm Animals, Asking Questions

Vocabulary Words 2

Handout: Vocabulary Words 2

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 2

Quiz: Vocabulary Definitions

Vocabulary: Final -e Sound

Grammar: Collective Nouns

Grammar: Simple Sentences

Reading: Baby Farm Animals

Reading: Moving Out Day

Assignment: Moving Out Day Recording

Reading: Moving In Day

Reading: Boxes, Books and More

Reading: No Boxes Today

Worksheet: Emily Moves

Speaking and Listening: Asking Questions

4- Proper Nouns, Sarah Plain and Tall, Bugs

Vocabulary Words 3

Handout: Vocabulary Words 3

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 3

Quiz: Vocabulary Definitions 3

Vocabulary: When Two Vowels Go Walking

Grammar: Proper Nouns

Grammar: Proper and Common Nouns

Handout: Proper and Plural Nouns

Assignment: Plural and Proper Nouns

Reading Mini Lesson: Context Clues

Reading: Sarah, Plain and Tall

Handout: Sarah, Plain and Tall Reading Journal

Assignment: Sarah, Plain and Tall Reading Journal

Reading: Busy Bee

Essay: Busy Bee

Writing: About a Bug

Essay: About a Bug

Speaking and Listening: Busy Bees

5- Commas, Art, Retelling a Story

Vocabulary Words 4

Handout: Vocabulary Words 4

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 4

Quiz: Vocabulary Definitions 4

Vocabulary: 2 letters, 1 sound

Grammar: Commas

Reading: Afternoon Art

Assignment: Afternoon Art Recording

Reading: Art Museum

Worksheet: Afternoon Art

Speaking and Listening: Retell a Story

6- Pronouns, Morals, Tops and Bottoms

Vocabulary Words 5

Handout: Vocabulary Words 5

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 5

Quiz: Vocabulary Definitions 5

Grammar: Reflexive Pronoun

Grammar: Object Pronouns

Handout: Pronouns

Assignment: Pronouns

Reading: At the Gym

Reading Mini Lesson: And the Moral of the Story is…

Reading: Tops and Bottoms

Writing: Tops and Bottoms Reading Journal

Handout: Tops and Bottoms Reading Journal

Assignment: Tops and Bottoms Reading Journal

Writing: A Story With a Moral

Assignment: Story with a Moral

Speaking and Listening: Morals

7- Verb Tense, Irregular Verbs, Cats

Vocabulary Words 6

Handout: Vocabulary Words 6

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 6

Quiz: Vocabulary Definitions

Grammar: Verbs

Grammar: Verbs in Past Time

Grammar: Verbs “be” and “have”

Grammar: Irregular Verbs

Handout: Verbs

Assignment: Verbs

Reading: A Case for Cats

Reading: Cats Long Ago

Reading: Choose a Cat

Worksheet: Cat Stories

Essay: Cat Stories Questions

Assignment: Cat Stories Recording

Writing: A Pet

Essay: A Pet

Speaking and Listening: A Pet

8- Possessive Nouns, A Drop of Water, KWL

Vocabulary Words 7

Handout: Vocabulary Words 7

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 7

Quiz: Vocabulary Definitions 7

Vocabulary: Shades of Meaning

Grammar: Possessive Nouns

Grammar: Possessive Pronouns

Handout: Possessive Nouns and Pronouns

Assignment: Possessive Nouns and Pronouns

Reading Mini Lesson: Fiction or Nonfiction?

Reading: Class Show

Assignment: Class Show Recording

Reading: A Drop of Water

Handout: A Drop of Water KWL Chart

Assignment: A Drop of Water KWL Chart

Reading Mini Lesson: KWL Charts Review

9- Prefixes, Adjectives and Adverbs, Rain

Vocabulary Words 8

Handout: Vocabulary Words 8

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 8

Quiz: Vocabulary Definitions 8

Vocabulary Mini Lesson: Prefixes

Grammar: Adjectives

Grammar: Adverbs

Grammar: Adjectives vs. Adverbs

Reading: Rainy Day

Reading: Blue Whales

Reading: Why Does it Rain?

Reading: Rainy Days and Rainbows

Assignment: Rainy Days and Rainbows

Worksheet: Rain

Writing: A Storm in the Sky!

Essay: Storm in the Sky

Speaking and Listening: A Storm in the Sky!

10- Abbreviations, Cinderella, Writing Poetry

Vocabulary Words 9

Handout: Vocabulary Words 9

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 9

Worksheet: Vocabulary Definitions 9

Vocabulary: Rhyming Words

Quiz: Rhyming Words

Grammar: Abbreviations

Handout: Abbreviations

Assignment: Abbreviations

Reading: Cinderella Stories

Reading: Who Has Seen the Wind?

Writing: Poem

Assignment: Poem

Speaking and Listening: Poem

Assignment: Poem Recording


Assignment: Midtest

11- Root Words, Contractions, To The Zoo

Vocabulary Words 10

Handout: Vocabulary Words 10

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 10

Worksheet: Vocabulary Definitions 10

Vocabulary: Root Words

Grammar: Contractions

Grammar: Negative Contractions

Grammar: Contractions and Double Negatives

Handout: Contractions and Double Negatives

Assignment: Contractions and Double Negatives

Reading: To the Zoo

Reading: Zebras News

Reading: Tiger Tips

Reading: Only Owls

Worksheet: At the Zoo

Writing: To the Zoo

Essay: Writing: To the Zoo

Speaking and Listening: To the Zoo

12- Statements, Questions, Poppleton in the Water

Vocabulary Words 11

Handout: Vocabulary Words 11

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 11

Worksheet: Vocabulary Definitions 11

Grammar: Sentences

Grammar: Questions and Statements

Grammar: Writing Questions

Grammar: The “wh” Question Words

Handout: Questions and “Wh”

Assignment: Questions and “Wh”

Reading: Poppleton in the Winter

Handout: Poppleton Reading Journal

Assignment: Poppleton Reading Journal

13- Exclaimations, Commands, Where You Live

Vocabulary Words 12

Handout: Vocabulary Words 12

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 12

Worksheet: Vocabulary Definitions 12

Vocabulary: Compound Words

Quiz: Compound Words

Grammar: Exclamations!

Grammar: Commands

Handout: Exclamations and Commands

Assignment: Exclamations and Commands

Reading: One City Block

Reading: What is a City?

Worksheet: Life in the City

Assignment: Yard Sale Recording

Reading: Yard Sale Day

Writing: Where You Live

Essay: Where You Live

14- Subject and Predicate, The Story of Ruby Bridges

Vocabulary Words 13

Handout: Vocabulary Words 13

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 13

Worksheet: Vocabulary Definitions 13

Grammar: Subject and Predicate

Grammar: Making the Subject Grow

Grammar: Subject and Predicate Agreement

Handout: Subject and Predicate

Assignment: Subject and Predicate

Reading: Time for School

Assignment: Time For School Recording

Reading: The Story of Ruby Bridges

Handout: Ruby Bridges KWL Chart

Assignment: Ruby Bridges KWL Chart

Writing: The Story of Ruby Bridges Journal

Handout: The Story of Ruby Bridges Journal

Assignment: The Story of Ruby Bridges Journal

Speaking and Listening: Ruby Bridges

15- Writing Letters, Kyle Gets Mail

Vocabulary Words 14

Handout: Vocabulary Words 14

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 14

Worksheet: Vocabulary Definitions 14

Grammar: Sending a Letter

Grammar: Parts of a Letter

Grammar: Envelopes

Grammar: Invitations

Reading: A Letter From Kyle

Reading: Kyle Gets Mail

Worksheet: Writing a Letter

Writing: A Letter

Assignment: A Letter

Speaking and Listening: A Letter

16- Sequence, How a Seed Grows, From Seed to Plant

Vocabulary Words 15

Handout: Vocabulary Words 15

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 15

Worksheet: Vocabulary Definitions 15

Grammar: Sentence in Order

Quiz: Sequences

Reading: How a Seed Grows

Handout: How a Seed Grows KWL Chart

Assignment: How A Seed Grows KWL Chart

Reading: From Seed to Plant

Handout: From Seed to Plant KWL Chart

Assignment: From Seed to Plant KWL Chart

Worksheet: Comparing Two Books

Writing: Sequence

Assignment: Sequence

Speaking and Listening: Sequence

17- Making Connections, Reasons to Write, Plant Research

Vocabulary Words 16

Handout: Vocabulary Words 16

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 16

Worksheet: Vocabulary Definitions 16

Vocabulary: Connections

Grammar: Adding Where and When

Reading Mini Lesson: Reasons

Reading: Parts of a Plant

Reading: In the Garden

Assignment: In the Garden Recording

Activity: Making Flowers

Writing: Plant Research Paper

Assignment: Plant Research Paper

Speaking and Listening: Plant Research

18- Main Ideas, Outlines, Moonshot

Vocabulary Words 17

Handout: Vocabulary Words 17

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 17

Worksheet: Vocabulary Definitions 17

Grammar: Paragraphs

Essay: Writing a Paragraph

Grammar: Main Ideas of a Paragraph

Grammar: Outlines

Handout: Paragraph and Topic Sentence

Assignment: Paragraph and Topic Sentence

Reading: About the Moon

Reading: Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11

Handout: Moonshot KWL

Assignment: Moonshot KWL

Writing: Research Paper

Assignment: First Draft Research Paper

Assignment: Final Draft Research Paper

19- Figurative Language, A Medieval Feast

Vocabulary Words 18

Handout: Vocabulary Words 18

Assignment: Vocabulary Words 18

Worksheet: Vocabulary Definitions 18

Vocabulary: Figurative Language

Reading: A Medieval Feast

Handout: A Medieval Feast KWL

Assignment: A Medieval Feast KWL

Essay: A Special Event

Speaking and Listening: Big Event


Assignment: Post-test

20- Course Evaluation

Handout: Course Evaluation

Assignment: Course Evaluation

Grade 2 Mathematics Curriculum

The course curriculum is aligned to the common core standards for 2nd grade mathematics. The everyday math curriculum focuses on base-ten notation, counting fives and tens, understanding multi-digit numbers, digits in each place and the addition and subtraction.

1- Introduction



Assignment: Pretest

2- Counting

Tens and Ones

Handout: Tens and Ones Worksheet

Assignment: Tens and Ones


Handout: Hundreds Worksheet

Worksheet: Using Grouping to Count Quickly

Assignment: Hundreds

Place Value to 100

Quiz: Place Value to 100

Read and Write Numbers

Worksheet: Read and Write Numbers

Ways to Make Numbers

Handout: Ways to Make Numbers Worksheet

Handout: Chapter 1 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Ways to Make Numbers

Assignment: Chapter 1 Cumulative Test

3- Compare & Order Numbers

Order Numbers

Handout: Order Numbers Worksheet

Assignment: Order Numbers

Compare Numbers

Handout: Compare Numbers Worksheet

Assignment: Compare Numbers

Even & Odd

Quiz: Even & Odd

Skip Count

Handout: Skip Count Worksheet

Assignment: Skip Count

Ordinal Numbers

Handout: Ordinal Numbers Worksheet

Assignment: Ordinal Numbers

4- Addition

Addition Properties

Handout: Addition Properties Worksheet

Assignment: Addition Properties

Count on to Add

Handout: BRAINPOPjr© Counting On Activity Solutions

Handout: Count on to Add Worksheet

Assignment: Count on to Add


Handout: Doubles Worksheet

Assignment: Doubles

Near Doubles

Handout: Near Doubles Worksheet

Assignment: Near Doubles

Make a Ten

Handout: Make a Ten Worksheet

Handout: 5-Minute Drill (Single Digit Addition)

Assignment: Make a Ten

Add Three Numbers

Handout: Add Three Numbers Worksheet

Handout: Chapter 3 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Add Three Numbers

Assignment: Chapter 3 Cumulative Test

5- Subtraction

Count Back to Subtract

Handout: Count Back to Subtract Worksheet

Assignment: Count Back to Subtract

Subtract All and Subtract Zero

Handout: Subtract All and Subtract Zero Worksheet

Assignment: Subtract All and Subtract Zero

Use Doubles to Subtract

Handout: Using Doubles to Subtract Worksheet

Assignment: Use Doubles to Subtract

Relate Addition to Subtraction

Handout: Relate Addition to Subtraction Worksheet

Assignment: Relate Addition to Subtraction

Missing Addends

Handout: Missing Addends Worksheet

Assignment: Missing Addends

Fact Families

Handout: BRAINPOPjr© Fact Families Activity Solutions

Handout: 5-Minute Drill (Single Digit Subtraction)

Handout: Chapter 4 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Fact Families

Assignment: Chapter 4 Cumulative Test

6- Graphs & Charts

Take a Survey

Handout: Take a Survey Worksheet

Assignment: Take a Survey

Picture Graphs

Handout: Picture Graphs Worksheet

Assignment: Picture Graphs

Analyze Picture Graphs

Handout: Analyze Picture Graphs Worksheet

Assignment: Analyze Picture Graphs

Bar Graphs

Handout: Read a Bar Graph Worksheet

Assignment: Read a Bar Graph

7- Adding Bigger Numbers

Add Tens

Handout: Add Tens Worksheet

Assignment: Add Tens

Count On by Tens

Handout: Count On by Tens Worksheet

Assignment: Count On by Tens

Regroup Ones as Tens

Handout: Regroup Ones as Tens Worksheet

Assignment: Regroup Ones as Tens

Add One-Digit Numbers and Two-Digit Numbers

Handout: BRAINPOPjr© Regrouping to Add Activity Solutions

Handout: Add One & Two Digit Numbers Worksheet

Assignment: Add One-Digit & Two-Digit Numbers

Add Two-Digit Numbers

Handout: Add Two Digit Numbers Worksheet

Assignment: Add Two-Digit Numbers

Estimate Sums

Handout: Estimate Sums Worksheet

Assignment: Estimate Sums

Add Three Two-Digit Numbers

Handout: Chapter 6 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Add Three Two-Digit Numbers

Assignment: Chapter 6 Cumulative Test


Assignment: Midtest

Assignment: Extra Practice

8- Subtracting Bigger Numbers

Subtract Tens

Handout: Subtract Tens Worksheet

Assignment: Subtract Tens

Count Back by Tens

Handout: Count Back by Tens Worksheet

Assignment: Count Back by Tens

Regroup Tens as Ones

Handout: Regroup Tens as Ones Worksheet

Assignment: Regroup Tens as Ones

Subtract One-Digit Numbers from Two-Digit Numbers

Handout: Subtract One-Digit from Two-Digits Worksheet

Assignment: Subtract One-Digit from Two-Digits

Subtract Two-Digit Numbers

Handout: Subtract Two-Digit Numbers Worksheet

Assignment: Subtract Two-Digit Numbers

Estimate Differences

Handout: Estimate Differences Worksheet

Assignment: Estimate Differences

Check Subtraction

Handout: Check Subtraction Worksheet

Assignment: Check Subtraction

Word Problems

Handout: Chapter 7 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Word Problems

Assignment: Chapter 7 Cumulative Test

9- Money

Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes

Handout: Pennies, Nickels and Dimes Worksheet

Assignment: Pennies, Nickels and Dimes

Quarters, Half-Dollars, and Dollars

Handout: Quarters, Half-Dollars and Dollars Worksheet

Assignment: Quarters, Half-Dollars and Dollars

Counting Coins

Handout: Counting Coins Worksheet

Assignment: Counting Coins

Find Equal Amounts

Handout: Find Equal Amounts Worksheet

Assignment: Find Equal Amounts

10- Input & Output Tables

Input Output Tables w/Addition

Handout: Input/Output Tables with Addition Worksheet

Assignment: Input/Output Tables w/Addition

Input/Output Tables w/Subtraction

Handout: Input/Output Tables with Subtraction Worksheet

Assignment: Input/Output Tables w/Subtraction

Input/Output Tables: Find the Rule

Handout: Input/Output Tables: Find the Rule Worksheet

Handout: Chapter 9 Cumulative Test

Assignment: Input/Output Tables: Find the Rule

Assignment: Chapter 9 Cumulative Test

11- Time

Analog & Digital Clocks

Telling Time to the Hour & Half-Hour

Handout: Time to the Hour & Half Hour Worksheet

Assignment: Time to the Hour & Half Hour

Telling Time to the Five Minute Interval

Handout: Time to the Five Minute Interval Worksheet

Assignment: Time to the Five Minute Interval

12- Measurement

Nonstandard Units

Handout: Nonstandard Units Worksheet

Assignment: Nonstandard Units

Inches and Feet

Assignment: Measuring Inches

Quiz: Inches and Feet


Worksheet: Yards

Centimeter and Meters

Handout: Measuring Centimeters Worksheet

Assignment: Measuring Centimeters

Worksheet: Centimeters and Meters

13- Shapes & Patterns


Handout: Shapes Worksheet

Assignment: Shapes


Handout: Solids Worksheet

Assignment: Solids

Identifying Faces, Edges and Vertices

Handout: Faces, Edges & Vertices Worksheet

Handout: Shape Models

Assignment: Faces, Edges & Vertices


Assignment: Patterns

Number Patterns

Worksheet: Number Patterns

14- Fractions

Unit Fractions

Handout: Unit Fractions Worksheet

Assignment: Unit Fractions

Halves, Thirds & Fourths

Handout: Halves Worksheet

Handout: Thirds Worksheet

Handout: Fourths Worksheet

Assignment: Thirds

Assignment: Halves

Assignment: Fourths

More Fractions

Handout: More Fractions Worksheet

Assignment: More Fractions


Assignment: Post-test

Grade 2 Science Curriculum

The Grade 2 home school science curriculum is aligned to Florida’s next generation sunshine standards. Students will learn about the gravity and magnets, substances changes from one state to another, plants and animals, key organs in the human body.

1- Course Introduction




Assignment: Pretest

2- Force and Motion


What are pushes and pulls?

Handout: Push and Pull Drawing

Assignment: Push and Pull Drawings

What is gravity?

What is a magnet?

Handout: Magnet Lab

Assignment: Magnet Lab

Quiz: Force and Motion

3- Properties and Changing Matter


What are the states of matter?

Worksheet: States of Matter

How does matter change states?

Handout: States of Matter Lab

Assignment: States of Matter Lab

What is volume?

What are properties of matter?

Quiz: Properties and Changing Matter

4- Plant Life


How Do Plants Get Food?

What is Soil?

Worksheet: Soil

What Keeps Plants Safe?

How Do Seeds Move?

How Do Seeds Grow?

Handout: Inside a Seed Lab

Handout: Green Bean Life Cycle

Assignment: Green Bean Life Cycle

What Plants Live in the Woods?

What Plants Live in the Desert?

Quiz: Plant Life

Assignment: Inside a Seed Lab

5- Animal Life


How Do Animals Get Food?

How Do Body Coverings Keep Animals Safe?

What Are Other Ways That Animals Keep Safe?

Essay: Animals Keep Safe

Where Do Animals Live?

Do All Animals Take Care of Their Young?

Quiz: Animals Caring for Their Young

What Do Animals Do In the Winter?

What is the Animal Life Cycle?

Handout: Butterfly Life Cycle

Assignment: Butterfly Life Cycle


Assignment: Midtest

Quiz: Animals: Quiz

6- Human Body


Handout: Body Book

The Heart

The Lungs

The Skeleton

The Muscles

The Digestive System

Handout: Body Riddles and Puzzles

Assignment: Body Riddles and Puzzles

Building a Body

Quiz: Parts of the Body

Assignment: Body Book

7- Keeping Well


Handout: Eat, Sleep, and Exercise

Assignment: Eat, Sleep, and Exercise

What Should You Eat?

What Foods Help Keep You Well?

How Do Good Foods Help You?

Why Should You Exercise and Sleep?

How Can You Fight Germs?

How Can You Stay Safe?

Essay: Staying Safe and Healthy

Quiz: Keeping Well: Quiz

8- Earth, Sun, and Moon


What Shape is Earth?

What is inside the earth?

What are Continents?

How Does Earth Move?

How Does the Moon Move and Change?

What is the Sun?

Who Needs the Sun?

Handout: Sun Earth Moon

Assignment: Sun Earth Moon

What are Stars?

Quiz: Earth, Sun, & Moon: Quiz

9- How Earth Changes


What Are Fossils?

What Plants Lived Long Ago?

What Animals Lived Long Ago?

Essay: Early Plants and Animals

How Does the Land Change Slowly?

How Does the Land Change Quickly?

Quiz: Fast and Slow Earth Changes

Quiz: How Earth Changes

10- Weather


What is weather?

What is wind?

What is temperature?

Handout: Temperature Lab

Assignment: Temperature Lab

What is the water cycle?


Handout: Seasons

Assignment: Seasons

What is severe weather?

Worksheet: Weather


Assignment: Post-test

Grade 2 Social Studies Curriculum

The Grade 2 online home school curriculum is aligned to Florida’s next generation sunshine standards of 2nd grade. The course includes the study about the maps and the globe, discussions about the first Americans, American Indians, their homes and culture.

1- Course Introduction



Assignment: Pretest

2- Neighborhoods are for Living

What are Neighborhoods?

Where are Neighborhoods?

What is a Globe?

Handout: Globe and Compass

Assignment: Globe and Compass

What is a Map?

Maps of your Neighborhood

Assignment: Map Your Neighborhood

Worksheet: Neighborhoods Are for Living

3- Neighborhoods Change

Neighborhoods Change


People Move

Quiz: Neighborhoods Change

Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty


Worksheet: Immigration

Cultural Differences

Assignment: Favorite Food

4- The First Americans

The First Americans

CAmerican Indian Homes

Assignment: American Indian Homes

American Indian Food

American Indian Culture

American Indian Review

Quiz: The First Americans

5- Neighborhoods of Early America

Neighborhoods of Early America

Why Did The Pilgrims Travel to America?

Pilgrims First Winter and Thanksgiving



Worksheet: Neighborhoods of Early America

6- People Give Us Goods & Services

Needs and Wants

Essay: Needs and Wants

Community Workers: Goods and Services

Moving Goods

Worksheet: People Give Us Goods & Services

7- Why People Work

Why People Work

Handout: When I Grow Up

Assignment: When I Grow Up

Carmen Lomas Garza

Jobs at Home

Paid, Volunteer, or Slavery?

Harriet Tubman

Quiz: Why People Work


Assignment: Midtest

8- Where Does the Money Go?

Where Does the Money Go?


Saving and Spending


Quiz: Where Does the Money Go?

How is Money Made?

Handout: Making Money

Assignment: Making Money

9- Rules & Laws for Everyone


Essay: Rules


Life Without Rules and Laws

Quiz: Rules and Laws for Everyone

10- Leaders & Laws

Who is a Leader?

Quiz: Who is a Leader?

Community Leaders

Essay: Leaders & Laws


11- Citizens of a Country

Why Do People Form Governments?


Primary and Secondary Sources

Quiz: Primary or Secondary Source?

U.S. Citizenship

A Responsible Citizen

Symbols of America

Assignment: Family Symbols

Worksheet: Citizens of the U.S.

12- People Solve Problems Together

Community problems

Assignment: Problems in Your Community

World Problems

Quiz: People Solve Problems Together

A Problem Solver: George Washington Carver

Essay: George Washington Carver

13- Neighbors Celebrate Together

Parades, Celebrations and Holidays


Holidays Around the World

Handout: Your Favorite Holiday

Quiz: Neighbors Celebrate Together

Assignment: Your Favorite Holiday


Assignment: Post-test

14- Course Evaluation

Handout: Course Evalulation

Assignment: Course Evaluation

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